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Ceramic Glass Hot Food Display with Hot Cupboard

Spec Sheet Brochure


Product Information

Versicarte PRO Hot Food Service Counters have a heated top using 1/1 GN size, Neo-Ceram ceramic glass self regulating thermo panels, providing an even temperature across the entire hot food display surface, without hot spots, maintaining hot food at the correct temperature for extended periods without food burning or drying out. Versicarte Hot cupboards are fitted with Versigen’s renowned innovative Sahara Fan heating system, which is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Hot Food Display Panels
Versicarte PRO cabinets are fitted with internal and external panels, with high density, environmentally-friendly insulation between. Internal panels are in mirror-polished stainless steel to assist hot cupboard heat retention and circulation. External panels are manufactured from hardwearing colour coated steel panels, available in a large range of colours. Please refer to the colour chart below. Panels can also be supplied in virtually any custom colour, with logos and other design features to suit the customer's specific requirements. Versicarte PRO Foodservice Counters enhance any dining room or service area.

Neo-Ceram (Toughened Ceramic Glass) Heated Glass Top
The heated glass top provides an easy to clean and hygenic display surface for the presentation of hot food in various types of heatproof containers and tableware. Dishes should be flat bottomed with no ridges for best heat transfer, and care should be taken when using heavy ceramic or cast iron type food containers. The heated top surface temperature regulates around 95°C. Chafing dishes are not required.

Hot Food Display Hot Cupboard
Versicarte Hot Cupboards are heated by our unique fan-forced heating system. The entire system is designed for simple maintenance and service and If necessary, can be replaced in minutes. Hot Cupboard temperatures are controlled by a 30°C to 110°C thermostat. Sliding doors can be quickly removed for cleaning. Hot Cupboards are fitted with mirror-finished internal panels and bottom and middle-positioned chrome wire shelves to maximise heat retention and hot-air circulation.

Heated Gantries & Glass Screens
All heated Versicate PRO units can be fitted with a Gantry and clear, tempered glass screen. Special quartz sleeved safety lamps are fitted under the gantry hood, to provide both supplementary heating and illumination for enhanced presentation of hot food. Glass screens are available in either curved or square profiles, with a selection of ópen'and 'çlosed' configurations.

Low height models are available set at 800mm high, ideal for childcare, pre-school and primary schools.
These low height models have a “B” added to the model code.


  • Fast heat up and recovery time.
  • Thermostatically controlled hot cupboard.
  • Unique, removable, forced air heating cell.
  • Low maintenance, easily cleaned, and highly efficient.
  • Simple self regulating hot top.
  • Guaranteed evenly distributed heat with no hot spots.
  • Even flat surface with no distortion or discolouring.
  • 4 models in the range holding 2 to 5 GN 1/1 gastronorm type containers.
  • Various types of flat bottom dishes can be used.
  • 24 hour operation.
  • Fully insulated.
  • Mobile all swivel castors two with brakes.

Model Specifications

L.830 D.680 H.900 55kg 10amp/1.26kW

L.1158 D.680 H.900 82kg 10amp/2.04kW

L.1486 D.680 H.900 110kg 10amp/2.22kW

L.1814 D.680 H.900 137kg 10amp/1.80kW

Optional Extras

Heated & illuminated gantries with curved or square glass screens with multiple profiles.
Wide choice of coloured outer panels (durable plastic coated steel).
Fold down solid tray slide or tubular tray rail.
Heavy duty spiked stainless steel carving pad (Code: VCCP).

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Model Specifications

  • Code: VC2HT
  • Length: 830
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 900
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.26kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 2
  • Hot cupboard under: Yes
  • Code: VC3HT
  • Length: 1158
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 900
  • Weight: 82kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/2.04kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 3
  • Hot cupboard under: Yes
  • Code: VC4HT
  • Length: 1486
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 900
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/2.22kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 4
  • Hot cupboard under: Yes
  • Code: VC5HT
  • Length: 1814
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 900
  • Weight: 137kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.80kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 5
  • Hot cupboard under: Yes

Versicarte Stelvetite Panel Colour Option

Versicarte colour chart

* Default colour is Merlin Grey. ** Extra cost applies to these finishes.

Please note
Front and side panels can be supplied in virtually any colour choice (including logos).
Custom colours must be specified at time of order (colour changes after order has been processed may be chargable).