Hot Cupboards

Single Door Banquet Hot Cupboards for 1/1GN pans (with pressed runners)

Benefits of Presse Steel Runners: - Hygienic, no gaps or crevices - No sharp edges - Smooth loading and unloading of GN pans

Plate and Dish Warming Cupboards

Small, countertop units ideal for heating plates and serving dishes. Featuring; variable temperature controls, stainless steel construction throughout, solid base & intermediate shelf, side hinged door.

Overshelves and heated pass for kitchen bain maries

Available in single, two or three tiers. Choose between ambient units or with quartz heat lamps under one or more shelves. Stainless steel construction, independent control unit on heated models, bespoke units available.

Single Door Banquet Hot Cupboards for 2/1GN pans

Robust, all stainless steel cabinets with multi-fan heating system, separate electronic controller and digital display for desired temperature and heating times. Featuring removable cassette racks.

Single Door Banquet Hot Cupboards for 1/1GN pans

Ideal for holding hot food from the oven before transferring to satellite serving stations. Can also be used for plated meals when fitted with shelves.