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hot cupboards

Commercial Hot Cupboard
Mobile hot-cupboards with sliding doors. Based on Gastronorm GN1/1 pans available in four lengths. Compact high capacity units, hot food or plates and dishes can be held warm ready for service. Fully..

Commercial Hot Cupboards

Hot display trolley designed for cost effective hot food storage, transport, and service. Incorporating a dry well Bain-Marie and hot cupboard fitted with Versigen's renowned innovative sahara fan heating..

Plain Top Hot Cupboards

Plate Warmer Cupboard
These hot cabinets are designed for the smaller establishment or where space is at a premium. Ideal for plate warming and heating serving dishes.

Plate and Dish Warming Cabinets

Banquet Hot Cupboard, VC. 3411-20GS
Benefits of Pressed Steel Runners: - Hygienic, no gaps or crevices - No sharp edges - Smooth loading and unloading of GN pans

Banquet Hot Cupboards

Ideal for holding hot food from the oven before transferring to satellite serving stations. Can also be used for plated meals when fitted with shelves.

Single Door Banquet Hot Cupboards for 1/1GN pans

Versigen offers a wide selection of hot cupboards for commercial caterers, including Premier heavy duty hot cupboards, Focus Mobile Hot Cupboards and Underbench ‘roll-under’ range, which are detailed on the ‘Under Bench Hot Cupboards‘ page on the Drop-In Serveries section of this website.