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meal tray trolleys

Emos Cook-Chill Meal Tray Servce Trolley, with doors open
Versigen introduces the Emos Single-Tray heated and refrigerated tray trolley for cook-serve meal distribution...

Emos Trolleys for Cook-Serve

Cook-Chill Tray Meal Service Trolley, model EMOS-CC24E-80
Versigen introduces the Emos Hot and Cold meal tray trolley for cook-chill service...

Emos Trolleys for Cook-Chill Retherm

Enclosed Tray Trolley
Improve Meal Tray returns AND enhance your Infection Control Program. Manufactured to suit most meal tray sizes - an essential component of your patient/resident meal delivery service.

Fully Enclosed Meal Tray Trolleys

Model MC. 1476SUT-F
Meal Tray Service Trolley holds a range of different tray sizes, up to 530 x 390 mm

Universal Tray Trolleys – Enclosed on top & 3 sides

Drigo self driving meal tray distribution

Drigo robotic meal tray trolley