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Versitop Hot Tops

FT2 Model shown - FT2
Spec Sheet


Versitop Countertop Hot Food Display

Product Information

Ideal for Buffets, Hot Food Display and Meal Plating.

Ceramic glass hot food display. Models from 1 x1/1GN size to 4 x 1/1GN size 1-4 Panels. Keep Hot Food HOT!

These food warming units have tops inset with toughened black ceramic glass heating panels. Each panel has built in heating elements which ensure evenly distributed heat over the entire surface area. Surface temperatures are factory set to mainatin cooked food at 90° - 100° Celcius. Each panel is 1/1GN Gastronorm size. Suitable for Gastronorm size pans or any shape of heatproof dish shape can be used.

Models with heated gantry and sneeze screen are also available. Please contact Versigen for adittional information.

Add a Gastronorm pan accessory (FTBA) to securely hold Gastronorm-size food containers securely in place during service.
Other accessories include a Carving Plate, Bag Holder and Chip Dump.


  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Electric - plug in to any standard 10 amp outlet
  • Exceptionally low power consumption
  • Safe to use - no dangerous steam
  • Easy to clean - no exposed heating elements
  • Extend with accessories - Bain Marie Adaptor, Chip Dump, Bag Holder, Carving Plate
  • Fast Heat-Up and Cool-Down times
  • No heat is generated from the bottom or sides
  • Specially designed acrylic screens available to prevent access to hot food from the front and sides

Model Specifications

L.422 D.539 H.80 8kg 10amp/0.18kW

L.750 D.539 H.80 13kg 10amp/0.36kW

L.1078 D.539 H.80 18kg 10amp/0.54kW

L.1406 D.539 H.80 23kg 10amp/0.72kW






User Manual

DWG files available on request

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Model Specifications

  • Code: FT1
  • One panel versitop
  • Length: 422
  • Depth: 539
  • Height: 80
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.18kW
  • Panel size: 1GN
  • Code: FT2
  • Two panel versitop
  • Length: 750
  • Depth: 539
  • Height: 80
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.36kW
  • Panel size: 2GN
  • Code: FT3
  • Three panel versitop
  • Length: 1078
  • Depth: 539
  • Height: 80
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.54kW
  • Panel size: 3GN
  • Code: FT4
  • Four panel versitop
  • Length: 1406
  • Depth: 539
  • Height: 80
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.72kW
  • Panel size: 4GN
Versitops are designed to maintain cooked food temperatures. Versitops are not induction units and therefore can be used with any heatproof food container, including cast iron and terracotta dishes (dishes with abrasive bases should be avoided). Hot food can be displayed for extended periods without chafing dishes. All units supplied with 10 amp cable and plug.