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foodservice counters

VC3BM with Screen
Hot display units incorporating a dry well bain marie and hot cupboard fitted with Versigen’s renowned innovative Sahara fan heating cell. Easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. The energy..

Dry Heat Bain Maries with Hot Cupboard

Versicarte Bain Marie wet well
Hot display units incorporating a wet well bain-marie and hot cupboard fitted with Versigen’s renowned innovative Sahara fan heating cell. Versigen were the originators of a bain-marie that could be..

Wet or Dry Bain Maries with Hot Cupboard

Foodservice counter, VC3HT.
Versicarte PRO Hot Food Service Counters have a heated top using 1/1 GN size, Neo-Ceram ceramic glass self regulating thermo panels, providing an even temperature across the entire hot food display..

Ceramic Glass Hot Food Display with Hot Cupboard

Refrigerated Well, VC3RW
Chilled display units incorporating a cold well, the unique Versigen innovative “Polar Air Stream” system provides a constant wall of cold air which moves across the well blanketing the food displayed..

Versicarte Refrigerated Wells

Versicarte Carvery

Carvery Stations

Hot Cupboard with Stainless Steel Plain Top, model VC3HC
Mobile hot-cupboards with sliding doors. Based on gastronorm GN1/1 pans available in four lengths. Compact high capacity units, hot food or plates and dishes can be held warm ready for service. Fully..

Hot Cupboards with Stainless Steel Plain Top

Versicarte plate dispenser, model VC2PD
Each Tube has four adjustable guide rods to enable it to take various size plates for 8”-12” (205mm-305mm) diameter with a maximum capacity of around 65 plates per tube. The dispensers have a Pop-Up..

Plate Dispensers

Versicarte Universal Crockery Dispenser, model VC2CD
Pop up plates system with a multi spring floating platform. Lift off the top plate and the next one automatically moves up into position. Designed for the storage and dispensing of any size or shape of..

Crockery Dispensers

Refrigerated display with curved glass, open front, model VC3RD

Versicarte Refrigerated Display

Grab and Go Display Heated Curved glass type, open front with LED illumination and rear sliding doors, model VC3GH

Versicarte Heated Display

Grab and Go Ambient Display Curved glass type, open front with LED illumination and rear slidng doors, model VC3GA
Ambient Grab & Go display units with neutral storage cupboard under. Ambient models are great for confectionery, cakes, muffins, doughnuts, biscuits, chocolate, crisps and nuts etc. Complete with..

Versicarte Ambient display

Soup station with ambient storage cupboard under, model VC2SS
Soup stations with ambient storage cupboard under. The soup dispenser is designed to keep ‘pre-cooked’ soups, sauces, and gravy at serving temperature using built in elements that guarantee even heat..

Soup Station

Ambient Versicarte storage cupboard, model VC3SC
Mobile Storage cupboards with sliding doors. Based on gastronorm GN1/1 pans available in four lengths. Compact high capacity units. A robust stainless-steel construction with a solid plain top. Excellent..

Storage Cupboard

Versicarte Low Level Section, model VCLL
Counter unit set at a low level designed to link up with any of the other models in the range this simple unit can be used as a tray pickup point or for table top display stands or soup kettles etc...

Low Level Section

Versicarte corner unit for 90 degree change in direction, model VCCU90
Corner section units designed to link in-between other models in a counter run providing a change of direction. Two models are available either 90º change in direction. or a 45º change in direction...

Corner Sections

Versicarte clearing station, model VCCS
Versicarte model designed for waste management, complete with multiple recycling bins and tray & plate return storage...

Clearing Station

Versicarte Cutlery & Tray Pickup Point, model VCCT
Counter modular with a table top three tier display stand for presenting cutlery and condiments. Twelve sections are set at an incline with a tray pick up section underneath. Constructed from bright..

Cutlery & Tray Station

Versicarte Sanitising Dispenser, model VC2SD
Size 2 module with twin sanitising dispensers and storage cupboard under. Touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machines are high volume 1000ml. The fully automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is..

Sanitising Dispenser

Versiarte Cashier Section, right hand model VCRCS
Cashier counter unit in either left or right hand configuration design to link up with any other models in the range providing a point of sale work station for cash register, cash drawer, or Epos system...

Cashier Section

Versicarte Power Station, model VC2PS
Designed specifically for the Versicarte-Pro range. This compact unit allows multiple Verisicart-Pro units to be powered up from one mains supply. When multiple 10amp sockets to power these units are..

Power Station

Curved glass type, open or closed front with quartz heated and illuminated gantry
Quartz heated and illuminated gantries with curved glass. Open front models and closed front models (with glass ends).

Curved and Square Glass Screens

Versicarte Installations

NEW Versicarte PRO Foodservice Counters.

* Increase Food Choices.
* Increase Meal Service Times.

Versicarte PRO Foodservice Counters are a revolutionary new way to present and serve hot and chilled food. We have taken a radically different approach to the traditional design and manufacture of ‘institutional’ plain stainless steel counters.

Versicarte PRO modules can be used as standalone Foodservice Counters, or a number of modules can be combined to create the perfect counter layout for any dining room, restaurant, servery, buffet, cafeteria, canteen or lunchroom. Versicarte PRO modules include:
– Bain Maries with Hot Cupboard (wet or dry well)
– Hot Cupboards with Neo-Ceram black ceramic glass hot food display
– Hot Cupboards with heated stainless steel top
– Refrigerated wells and Multi-shelf display
– Carvery Stations

The above modules can be fitted with a heated or illuminated gantry, complete with tempered glass screen. Screens are available in curved or square profiles, each with a multiple choice of ‘open’ or ‘closed’ configurations.

Complimentary modules allow every aspect of a fully-functional counter to be created. These include:
– Soup Station
– Heated Plate & Crockery Dispensers
– Ambient storage cupboards
– Corner sections (45 degree and 90 degree angle)
– Cashier section
– Low level section
– Touchless auto-dispensing Hand Sanitising station

Hot Food Display Counters with Ceramic Glass Heated Top
Versicarte PRO Hot Food Service Counters have a heated top using 1/1 GN size, Neo-Ceram ceramic glass self regulating thermo panels, providing an even temperature across the entire hot food display surface, without hot spots, maintaining hot food at the correct temperature for extended periods without food burning or drying out. Versicarte Hot cupboards are fitted with Versigen’s renowned innovative Sahara Fan heating system, which is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Hot Food Display Counters with Dry Heat Bain Marie

Hot Food Display Panels
Versicarte PRO cabinets are fitted with internal and external panels, with high density, environmentally-friendly insulation between. Internal panels are in mirror-polished stainless steel to assist hot cupboard heat retention and circulation. External panels are manufactured from hardwearing colour coated steel panels, available in a large range of colours. Please refer to the colour chart below. Panels can also be supplied in virtually any custom colour, with logos and other design features to suit the customer’s specific requirements. Versicarte PRO Foodservice Counters enhance any dining room or service area.

Neo-Ceram (Toughened Ceramic Glass) Heated Glass Top
The heated glass top provides an easy to clean and hygenic display surface for the presentation of hot food in various types of heatproof containers and tableware. Dishes should be flat bottomed with no ridges for best heat transfer, and care should be taken when using heavy ceramic or cast iron type food containers. The heated top surface temperature regulates around 95°C. Chafing dishes are not required.

Hot Food Display Hot Cupboard
Versicarte Hot Cupboards are heated by our unique fan-forced heating system. The entire system is designed for simple maintenance and service and If necessary, can be replaced in minutes. Hot Cupboard temperatures are controlled by a 30°C to 110°C thermostat. Sliding doors can be quickly removed for cleaning. Hot Cupboards are fitted with mirror-finished internal panels and bottom and middle-positioned chrome wire shelves to maximise heat retention and hot-air circulation.

Heated Gantries & Glass Screens
All heated Versicate PRO units can be fitted with a Gantry and clear, tempered glass screen. Special quartz sleeved safety lamps are fitted under the gantry hood, to provide both supplementary heating and illumination for enhanced presentation of hot food. Glass screens are available in either curved or square profiles, with a selection of ópen’and ‘çlosed’ configurations.
* Wheel into position, plug In and Serve.
* Single-phase power.
* No plumbing required.

New curved and square tempered-glass screens and insulated cabinet panels ensure safe display & choice of hot & cold food, while offering extended meal service times.

Versicarte PRO heated modules include Ceramic Glass, Bain Maries & Stainless Steel heated Serving Tops, complete with fan-heated hot cupboards. Use as a single heated or refrigerated Foodservice Counter or place multiple modules together to create a complete managed buffet display.

Versicarte PRO refrigerated modules feature blown-air Cold Wells and multi-shelf refrigerated display models that feature cascading cold air flow over the shelves.

Complementary modules include Low-Level, Corner Sections, Sanitising Station, Ambient Storage Cupboards, Carving Stations, Cashier Sections and more. Optional accessories include Heated & Illuminated Gantries, ‘drop-down’ Trayslides and carving plates.

Most Versicarte PRO modules are available in five lengths and are offered with a wide range of coloured external panels. We offer a 3D graphic and design service for new Versicarte projects – contact our sales team or your equipment supplier for details.

All Versicarte modules can be operated from standard 10 amp or 15 amp single-phase power outlets.

Please call or email us for no-obligation advice, quotes and detailed specifications.

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