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Drop-in Universal Crockery Dispensers

Drop-in Crockery Dispenser, DHD1 Model shown - DROP-IN CROCKERY DISPENSER
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Drop-in Heated & Ambient Crockery Dispensers

Product Information

Multi-Spring system holds square & oval plates, plus bowls, cups etc.

Pop Up plates system with a multi spring floating platform Lift off top plate and the next one automatically moves up into position. Designed for the storage and dispensing of any size or shape of plate, be it round, oval, square or designer shape, that can fit within a 305mm (12”) square. The heated version comes complete with mains lead and 13 amp plug as standard. Temperature controlled by internal thermostat with surface level illuminated on/off switch for easy operation. Heated units also have a Stainless-steel type cover to each tube as standard.


  • Can accomodate multiple stacks of small bowls etc.
  • Well proven elements/components provide evenly distributed heat.
  • Factory set thermostat controls internal air at 60°C.
  • Interior finished in clinical bright polished stainless steel.
  • Heated models complete with stainless steel lid.
  • Capacity approximately 65 plates per tube depending on type, profile and thickness.
  • Heated units supplied with a 2-metre-long cord set with moulded 13 amp plug for easy installation.
  • Simplistic easy adjustable spring systems allows repeated pop up plate presentation.

Model Specifications

L.420 D.345 H.30 13kg 10amp/0.6kW

L.420 D.345 H.30 11kg

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Model Specifications

  • Code: DHD1
  • Heated Drop-in Crockery Dispenser
  • Length: 420
  • Depth: 345
  • Height: 30
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.6kW
  • Plate capacity: 65
  • Code: DAD1
  • Length: 420
  • Depth: 345
  • Height: 30
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Plate capacity: 65