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drop in

Drop-in Bain Marie, D2BMF
Hot display units incorporating a dry well Bain-marie, fitted with Versigen's renowned innovative Sahara Fan heating cell. Easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. This forced-air, convection, heated..

Dry Heat Bain Maries

Drop-in Hot Top, D2HTSLF
Hot Display with individual, Neo - Ceram glass, GN 1/1 size, thermo panels collectively governed by an energy regulating control. Designed to maintain Pre-cooked food at serving temperature. They are not..

Ceramic Glass Hot Tops

Wet Well Bain Marie

Wet Heat Bain Maries

Drop-in Plate Dispenser, DHP2
Pop Up plates system with a multi spring floating platform Lift off top plate and the next one automatically moves up into position. Designed for the storage and dispensing of any size or shape of plate,..

Plate and Crockery Dispensers

D2RWSLF Refrigerated Well
Chilled display units specially designed to safely hold quick-turnaround, pre-chilled food products at optimum serving temperatures incorporating a recessed frosted top. Frost Tops keep pre-chilled snacks,..

Refrigerated Wells

Under counter mobile hot cupboards with sliding doors. Designed to complement the Innovative Versigen drop-in counter modules. Based on Gastronorm GN1/1 pans available in four lengths. Compact high..

Under Bench Hot Cupboards

Drop-in Heated Display, D2GH

Heated and Ambient Display

2 shelf drop-in refrigerated display with curved glass and open front, model D2RDL

Refrigerated Display Low Level

3 shelf drop-in refrigerated display with square glass and open front, model D2RDSL
Chilled display units incorporating a cold well and 3 glass display shelves. The unique Versigen innovative “Polar Air Stream” system provides a constant, recirculating cold air curtain completely..

Refrigerated Display High Level

D2SD Drop-in Soup Dispenser
These Soup Stations are designed to keep ‘pre-cooked’ Soups Sauces and Gravy at serving temperature using built in elements that guarantee even heat distribution. Along with a removable drip tray which..

Soup Dispensers

Cutlery and Condiment Dispenser Small
Countertop display stand, a self-contained unit with 3 tiers is perfect for presenting cutlery and condiments. Nine section set at an incline frees up space, great for restaurant buffet style catering..

Cutlery and Condiment Dispensers

Display Shelf & basket
Countertop Display Stand. The attractive Heavy-Duty Merchandiser uses typically limited counter space very effectively with two tiered levels. Ideal for Delis and as an impulse buying station at Till..

Display Shelf