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What is Cook Chill?

With our innovative Cook Chill ‘Chillogen’ technology, regenerated food looks and tastes like it’s fresh from the chef’s oven.

Chillogen technology

Chillogen is an innovative development from Versigen that combines the functions of a chilled storage unit and a regeneration oven in one convenient compartment. It provides a controlled environment for chilling, storing and regenerating plated or bulk cooked food automatically, without intervention.

Improved efficiency

Chillogen technology takes banquet food regeneration to new levels of efficiency. Plate the food, load the unit, switch on, store, regenerate, unload the unit at a preset time, serve. The whole cycle happens automatically once you’ve loaded the food and switched on. How much time and effort could that save in the kitchen?

Faster service

The Chillogen compartment allows you to hold chilled food until required and then regenerate it without removing the food from the fridge / oven. At a preset time, the Chillogen compartment reverts to an oven and regenerates the food to the HACCP recommended temperature of 80-85 C in around an hour. That’s a real bonus when you’re under pressure to deliver a large number of meals at a set time.

Easier planning

With Chillogen technology in place, you can take the hassle out of planning and food preparation. Food can be prepared in advance, when it’s quiet, with no more last minute rushes. You can store the food in correct chilled conditions for the required period, so it’s ready when you need it. If you’ve got a regular distribution cycle, Chillogen can keep your planned meals on schedule, efficiently and cost-effectively. If you’re catering for a special event, Chillogen can eliminate guesswork and ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Better food quality

Used in conjunction with other Versigen regeneration innovations, Chillogen helps give your food that freshly-cooked look and taste. Our fast heating times make your roast potatoes and chips crisp and brown, and your pastries golden. Profile Temperature Technology reduces the temperature through the cycle to prevent burning or drying out. If there is any unexpected delay in serving, the Chillogen oven maintains its core temperature to keep the food piping hot.


  • Faster regeneration
  • Controlled chilled environment – allows safe chill storage at constant temperature
  • Better quality results – looks and tastes like freshly-cooked food
  • Simple to operate – one switch for automatic regeneration at pre-set time
  • Energy efficient – no pre-heat cycle
  • Labour efficient – no additional handling from plating to serving

Data Logging

Our 3D data logging system automates the testing and accurate recording of food, oven and fridge temperatures.

To ensure compliance with food regulations, it’s essential that you test food temperatures regularly and maintain accurate records. However, traditional methods based on hand-held temperature probes and manual recording can be extremely time consuming. Versigen’s 3D data logging system automates the process of testing and recording, saving you time and effort and ensuring proof of due diligence.

Simplify compliance

At some time, you may find it necessary to prove your due diligence in serving food at recommended statutory temperatures. The 3D data logging system automatically records the internal temperatures of the oven / refrigerator at set intervals and also provides a means of probing and recording actual food temperatures data. The data is then transferred to a personal computer for storage or analysis. The results can be displayed in graphic or tabular form. Information like this is essential for compliance, but it can also be used to highlight unusual events or faults that affect food quality.

Probe and Data Screens

Probe and Data Screens


  • Uses electronic sensors to check food temperatures
  • Accurately records information throughout the preparation, storage and regeneration cycle constant temperature
  • Provides an audit trail for 2 years
  • Ensures compliance with food regulations
  • Information can be transferred to PC for storage, analysis and reporting
  • Identifies unusual events affecting food quality
  • Automatically archives data every two months