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V1C Hostess Trolley

Spec Sheet


VGen: Model V1C

Product Information

Designed specifically for the regeneration and serving of chilled bulk food. Using “Chillogen”, this VGen model allows refrigeration and regeneration in one holding space. First keep food chilled, then simply switch to regeneration manually/automatically without further handling of food. VGen then automatically holds food at the correct serving temperature until you are ready to serve. Featuring Versigen’s pioneering, three-zone, multi-heat, control oven system. VGen enables total control of food temperature, texture and presentation. Complete with an accurately controlled, illuminated, self-regulating hot-top. All in one convenient unit.

Operating modes:

Keep Chilled - Holding chilled bulk food below 5°C, compartment controlled between 0°C & 5°C
Cook Chill - Regeneration of chilled bulk food [0°C to 8°C optimum 5°C] to above 82°C
Keep Hot - Holding hot bulk food above 63°C, compartment controlled at 90°C
Serve Hot - Hot-top serving area controlled at 90°C

Complete with 2m long cable & 15amp plug, as standard
Food probe & HACCP complient data recording system
24/7 program timer
Keep hot & boost functions
Three-program, total control system
Easily manoeuvrable, lightweight & compact design


  • LED display lighting
  • Coloured LED operation indication (LEDs flash to signal warning when oven door is open)
  • 3 fully controllable oven zones in a landscape configuration
  • One-piece, two-zone, ceran, thermo-panel hot top
  • Steam evac & oven door air curtain
  • Touch screen, total control system with multi-function display & simplistic program choice
  • Each compartment supplied with removable shelf hangers
  • Wide choice of coloured front and end panels (standard colour is buttermilk)
  • Oven with Versigen's renowned multi-fan recirculating air system
  • Lift-up hob for easy servicing
  • Lockable doors open out 270°
  • 4 x precision castors, 2 swivel with breaks and 2 fixed

Model Specifications

L.798 D.740 H.938 130kg 15amp/2.9kW

Optional Extras

V1TS Size 1 Tray Slide
V2TS Size 2 Tray Slide
CC3 3 cutlery cups to suit trayslides
VES End Shelf
VWR End shelf with waste bag holder on operators’ right hand
VWL End shelf with waste bag holder on operators’ left hand
VTB Tow Bar and Hitch
VPS Portrait Rod Shelf
VLS Landscape Rod Shelf
V4CP 4GN Cassette [Portrait]
V8CP 8GN Cassette [Portrait]
V8CL 8GN Cassette [landscape]
V1D Cassette Dolly for V1G & V1C Trolley
V2D Cassette Dolly for V2GR, V2CR & V2GPR Trolley
V3D Cassette Dolly for V2GG Trolley
VC8 Cover for 8GN Cassette Portrait or Landscape type
VC4 Cover for 4GN Cassette

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Model Specifications

  • Code: V1C
  • Length: 798
  • Depth: 740
  • Height: 938
  • Height (with gantry): 1333
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.9kW