meal tray service trolleys

Single Tray Trolleys for Cook-Serve

Versigen introduces the Emos Single-Tray heated and refrigerated tray trolley for cook-serve meal distribution...

Single Tray Trolleys for Cook-Chill

Versigen introduces the Emos Hot and Cold meal tray trolley for cook-chill service...

Compact Single Tray Trolleys

Emos Compact Single Tray Service Trolleys are designed for cook-serve meal service in smaller aged care facilities and hospitals. The trolley's small footprint enables hot and cold meals on a single tray..

Heated Meal Tray Trolleys

Emos hotline trolleys guarantee HOT Meals at the point of service. ..

Universal Tray Trolleys

Meal Tray Service Trolley for 20 trays

Return Meal Tray Trolleys

Keep used meal trays and trayware separate from fresh meal delivery carts Open for simple loading and unloading. Highly maneuverable and compact Optional side and end curtains available

Enclosed Meal Tray Return Trolleys

Improve Meal Tray returns AND enhance your Infection Control Program. Manufactured to suit most meal tray sizes - an essential component of your patient/resident meal delivery service.