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In-Counter Versitops

SFD2 Model shown - SFD2
Spec Sheet


In-Counter Versitops (1-5 Panels)

Models; SFD2, SFD3, SFD4, SFD5

In-Counter Versitops are designed to maintain cooked food temperatures. They are not induction type units and can be used with any suitable heatproof food container. All units are supplied with a control box for fitting by the installer, complete with 10 amp cable and plug.

In-counter Versitops have a 20 mm flange to support the unit, and a control box with illuminated on/off switch and temperature controller. The surface temperature of the panels is adjustable to a maximum of 120ÂșC.

The control box is connected to the underside of the unit by approximately 1.5 metres of cable. A minimum clearance of 30 mm below each unit is required to allow for cable exit.


  • Even temperature across the entire surface area of each panel with no hot spots
  • Units supplied with stainless steel flange to facilitate simple installation
  • Very low power consumption
  • Supplied with a control box containing illuminated on/off switch and temperature controller, with approx. 1.5 metres of cable for fitting in a convenient location by the installer
  • Rapid heat up and cool down times

Versigen Catering Equipment is supplied by distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Model Specifications

  • Model: SFD1
  • Length: 374.5
  • Depth: 579.5
  • Height: 40
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.3kW
  • Panel size: 1GN
  • Model: SFD2
  • Length: 702.5
  • Depth: 579.5
  • Height: 40
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.5kW
  • Panel size: 2GN
  • Model: SFD3
  • Length: 1030.5
  • Depth: 579.5
  • Height: 40
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.7kW
  • Panel size: 3GN
  • Model: SFD4
  • Length: 1358.5
  • Depth: 579.5
  • Height: 40
  • Power rating: 10amp/0.9kW
  • Panel size: 4GN
  • Model: SFD5
  • Length: 1686.5
  • Depth: 579.5
  • Height: 40
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.1kW
  • Panel size: 5GN
Image shows SFD2s with custom sneeze screen (sneeze screen and serving containers not included).