racking carts and dispensers

Insulated Trolley for Gastronorm

Versatile food conveyance trolley, suitable for the distribution of food from a food prep area to multiple points of service. Ideal for hospitals and other catering facilities providing a thermally..

Clearing Trolley

Perfect for table laying & clearing. Includes Polythene containers for crockery & a hook on waste bin – all in one lightweight stainless steel trolley.

Heavy Duty General Purpose Trolleys

The workhorse of the catering industry, these trolleys are considerably stronger than other stainless steel trolleys and can handle the toughest commercial environment. Shelves welded to uprights to form a very robust unit, designed for 1/1 GN pans (HTG3 models).

Gastronorm Trolleys

Available for a variety of applications & conditions. 'Zee Rack' trolleys are designed to nest into each other to enable 5 trolleys to occupy the area normally occupied by 2. Manufactured from stainless steel with welded joints. Ideal for receiving, transporting, preparing, storing, serving or delivering food.

Trolleys and Dispensers

Ideal for storing trays and cutlery straight from the wash up area and transporting into the dining room for self service trays and cutlery.

Tray, Basket & Rack Dispensers

Self levelling mobile units for tray & basket storage & dispensing. A variety of units available - ideal for storing tray, dishwasher baskets and racks.

Plate and Crockery Dispensers

Designed for the storage and dispensing of any size or shape of plate, including oval, square or designer shape, that can fit within a 305mm (12”) square.


Three tier vegetable racks provide good air circulation to stored vegetables. Constructed from galvanised mild steel sheet, supplied with soil spillage drawer and removable wire mesh shelves.