hot cupboards and bain maries

Electric Tallboy Hot Cupboard

Large Capacity Heavy Duty Hot Cupboard. Perfect for busy commercial kitchens where large quantities of gastronorm pans and containers are prepared and kept warm. These units can be fitted with sliding doors on each slide allowing hot food containers to be passed through from the kitchen to Bain Marie for service. All units operate from a standard 10amp power outlet.

Light Duty Hot Cupboards

Small, countertop units ideal for heating plates and serving dishes. Featuring; variable temperature controls, stainless steel construction throughout, solid base & intermediate shelf, side hinged door.

Mobile Workstations

Small, lightweight mobile units ideal for serving food from gastronorm containers. Perfect for hospital ward service in confined space. Compact & manoeuvrable, maintains hot food temps during plating, fan-forced heating system, interchangeable Gastronorm size containers.

Focus Hot Cupboards & Bain Maries

Cost-effective, mobile units designed for hot food storage & transport. Featuring; hot cupboard underneath, optional gantry, fan-forced heating system, adjustable temperature controller. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, exterior panels in smart easy to clean coated stainless steel.


Available in single, two or three tiers. Choose between ambient units or with quartz heat lamps under one or more shelves. Stainless steel construction, independent control unit on heated models, bespoke units available.

Premier Electric Heated Units

This units innovative technology provides temperature retention performance only previously available from wet well Bain Maries (without the operating & service issues associated with wet wells). Complete with fan-assisted hot cupboard for rapid, energy saving heating. Portable – these bain marie units are now fitted with castors as standard.

COSHH Cupboards

Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health

Commercial Bain Marie Solutions
We still refer to them as ‘Bain Maries’ but apart from maintaining a fixed temperature, Versigen’s Bain Marie units have little in common with traditional wet well Bain Maries. Our units predominantly offer energy efficient fan heating systems which spread heat evenly, resulting in faster heat up times and quicker heat recovery. Choose from portable or static units, heavy duty or lightweight, bench top or all-in-one models (with gantries and over shelves). Make your space work for you with our extensive range of Bain Maries with Hot Cupboards. Versigen has the perfect Bain Marie solution for any Australian commercial kitchen.

Benchtop bain maries
For benchtop bain marie solutions please see our range of Versitops – countertop food warming units with optional accessories including Bain Marie adaptors, Carving Plates, Chip Slides and Bag Holders.

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Versigen's 'Versitop' Food Warmers are 1-4 panel, gastronorm sized, countertop bain marie alternatives. Portable, affordable and strong.





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