Multi-Portion (Hostess) Foodservice Trolley

Designed for the distribution and service of hot & cold meals.

Designed for both Cook-Serve and Cook-Chill meal service. A complete solution for multi-portion meal service. Perfect as a mobile servery!

  • Integrated data logging system
  • Touch screen controller
  • Operates from a standard 15amp power supply
  • Use as a complete meal service solution or integrate into an existing servery
  • Optional pull-out plate warmer
  • Record and save core food temperature date for every meal service


VGen Hostess Trolley

Designed specifically for the cooking/regeneration and serving of fresh, chilled or frozen bulk food. This unit allows customer choice at the point of consumption. Useful for multi-food portioning and multi-food distribution. Featuring Versigen’s pioneering, three-zone, multi-heat, control oven system. VGen enables total control of food temperature, texture and presentation. Complete with an accurately controlled, forced air refrigeration compartment and illuminated two-zone, self-regulating hot-top.

  • Cook Serve: Use in the same manner as a traditional convection oven.
  • Cook Chill: Regeneration of chilled bulk food [0°C to 8°C optimum 5°C] to above 82°C
  • Cook Freeze: Regeneration of frozen bulk food [-6°C to -25°C optimum -18°C] to above 82°C
  • Keep Hot: Holding Hot bulk food above 63°C compartment controlled at 90°C
  • Keep Chilled: Holding Chilled bulk food below 5°C compartment controlled between 0°C and 5°C
  • Hot Serving Top: Hot top serving area controlled at 90°C


  • Fold down end shelves or optional recessed end shelf with flip out waste bag holder
  • Fold down front Tray slide with three apertures for Cutlery holders
  • Gastronorm containers and additional Grid shelves
  • Tow bar attachment and hitch
  • Cassette system in place of the standard shelf hangers with heat retention cover and Dolly for transportation

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