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Deli Display Counters – Heated

VHTDD3 Model shown - VHTDD3
Spec Sheet


Heated Top Deli Display with Hot Cupboard (models VHTDD3 & VHTDD4)


VHTDD3 L.1190 D.680 H.900 90kg 15amp/2.5kW

VHTDD4 L.1490 D.680 H.900 120kg 15amp/2.7kW


  • Hot tops are designed to keep pre-cooked food at serving temperature and are suitable for the display of most types of hot foods.
  • Complete with easy to clean full Gastronome size toughened glass thermo panels with built in elements that guarantee even heat distribution, with no cold spots distortion or discoloration.
  • Aesthetic full front curved toughened glass screen and glass side panels for increased food display.
  • Fitted with an intermediate ambient toughened glass shelf.
  • Open to rear display case for easy access.
  • Optional sliding Perspex doors to rear.
  • The energy regulated surface temperature is controlled at approximately 90° the controls are housed conveniently within the over head gantry for easy access.
  • The quartz heated illuminated gantry is mounted above the hot top for increased heat and food presentation.

Product Information

Complete with glass shelf & front/side screens

Quartz lamps can only supplement the process of keeping hot food hot.
All Gantries and tray slides are optional extras unless stated.

Model Specifications

  • Model: VHTDD3
  • Length: 1190
  • Depth: 680
  • Depth (trayslide up/down): 950/740
  • Height: 900
  • Height (with gantry): 1440
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.5kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 3
  • Model: VHTDD4
  • Length: 1490
  • Depth: 680
  • Depth (trayslide up/down): 950/740
  • Height: 900
  • Height (with gantry): 1440
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.7kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 4