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Heated and Refrigerated Food Merchandiser

MHC1, hot and cold grab and go unit Model shown - MHC1
Spec Sheet


Grab & Go all in one Hot and Cold


  • Present both hot and cold packaged food in complementary displays
  • Offer a complete meal deal within a small foot print
  • Displays pre-heated and pre-chilled food at regulated temperature
  • Accurate digital controls ensure consistant air flow both hot and cold
  • Hot food maintained at 65°c to 75°c, chilled maintained at 2°c to 5°c
  • Independent illumination on / off switches
  • Internal refrigeration condensate self-evaporation syste
  • Mobile with front brakes allow stress-free maintenance and cleaning
  • All glass 6mm toughened
  • High-grade insulation improves temperature retention

Product Information

Blowing Hot.. Blowing Cold.. Ideal for cool drinks, sandwiches, yogurts or hot savouries, wraps, and soups. Hot Shelves air flow controlled between 65° and 85° Cold Shelves air flow controlled between 2° and 5°.

Forced air heating and recirculation which gives energy saving efficiency, faster heat up times, quicker heat recovery times and an even distribution of heat without troublesome hot spots.

Models also available with all-heating and all-chilled systems.

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Model Specifications

L.650 D.680 H.1826 15amp/2.9kW

L.650 D.680 H.1826 10amp/1.9kW

L.650 D.680 H.1826 15amp/2.5kW

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Model Specifications

  • Code: MHC
  • Length: 650
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 1826
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.9kW
  • Function: Heated / Refrigerated
  • Code: MC1
  • Length: 650
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 1826
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.9kW
  • Function: Refrigerated
  • Code: MH1
  • Length: 650
  • Depth: 680
  • Height: 1826
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.5kW
  • Function: Heated