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Mobile Bain Maries with Hot Cupboard and Heated Gantry

Portable bain marie with gantry and hot cupboard under, 3FBMD Model shown - 3FBMD
Spec Sheet


Dry Heat Bain Maries for Gastronorm Containers


  • Transfer hot food directly from oven to the Bain Marie
  • Hot Cupboards are designed to hold additional food Gastronorm containers
  • Worktop is designed to enable fast and safe removal of hot food containers
  • Fan-heated Hot Cupboard has two rodded shelves to hold additional containers or plates
  • Highly efficient and safe, lightweight, no water, easy to clean and maintain
  • Heated Gantry fitted with safety jacketed quartz heat lamps

Product Information

Deliver and Serve hot meals at the point of service

The Focus Bain Marie range is designed for cost-effective hot food storage, transport and service. Strong but lightweight and easy to push/pull.

The Bain Maries feature forced air heating and recirculation, offering new levels of energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times, quicker heat recovery times and even distribution of heat with no hot spots. Designed to hold 1/1GN size Gastronorm containers or smaller equivalents (1/2GN, 1/3GN), up to 150 mm deep.

The units are finished with attractive, easy to clean coated steel panels with high resistance to marking and scuffing. Standard panels are supplied in ‘Goosewing Grey’, other colours and custom finishes are available to order. Stainless steel sliding doors lift off for maintenance and cleaning, inside panels are finished in bright polished stainless steel. Rodded shelves maximise hot air circulation.

The temperature around the pans in the Bain Marie well is controlled at 80-90ºC to prevent food burning. The units are mobile, fitted with 4 all swivel casters, 2 with brakes and handles at both ends and include a triple tube drop down trayslide and quartz heated gantry.

Optional Extras

FSS - Optional Stainless Steel Front and End Panels
FCB - Four Corner Buffers
LEGS - Legs to replace castors (must be stated at time of order) No Extra Cost

Model Specifications

L.757* D.665 H.900 56kg 10amp/1.2kW

L.1085* D.665 H.900 80kg 15amp/2.4kW

L.1413* D.665 H.900 100kg 15amp/2.4kW

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Model Specifications

  • Code: 2FBMD
  • Holds 2x 1/1GN containers**
  • Length: 757*
  • Depth: 665
  • Height: 900
  • Height (with gantry): 1320
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.2kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 2
  • Code: 3FBMD
  • Holds 3x 1/1GN containers**
  • Length: 1085*
  • Depth: 665
  • Height: 900
  • Height (with gantry): 1320
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.4kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 3
  • Code: 4FBMD
  • Holds 4x 1/1GN containers**
  • Length: 1413*
  • Depth: 665
  • Height: 900
  • Height (with gantry): 1320
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.4kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 4
*Length excludes handles **Or smaller equivalents