food distribution and service

BF Trolleys

The BF2B Food Trolley has a bains marie well in the top that can hold 2 x 1/1 gastronorm up to 150mm deep, the bains marie is fitted with hinged covers which convert to service areas when opened out. Each..

Hot Cupboards

Hot Top (Glass Thermo plate) units are designed to keep pre-cooked food t serving temperature and are suitable for the display of most types of hot foods. The thermo plates are 1/1 Gastronorm size which..


Blowing Hot.. Blowing Cold.. Ideal for cool drinks, sandwiches, yogurts or hot savouries, wraps, and soups. Hot Shelves air flow controlled between 65° and 85° Cold Shelves air flow controlled between..

Bain Maries

Highly manoeuvrable and compact bain marie trolley (available with 2, 3 or 4 wells). This heated trolley has separate temperature controls for each well.

Plate Warmers and Dispensers

Designed for the storage & dispensing of any size or shape of plate (including round, oval or square). They can also store & heat soup bowls and cups. Even heat distribution, internal temperature factory set to 60°C (on heated models).

Food Pan Carriers

Thanks to its excellent isothermal characteristics it keeps meals at optimum storage temperature for a long time. The unit's design allows accurate cleaning and sanitising including using a dishwasher...

Banquet Hot Cupboards

Simply give the trolley a preheat, load it with your hot plated meals and it will hold the food at a suitable temperature until ready to serve, then transfer the unit to the dining area and serve when..