Sheerline Bain Marie with Enviro Well

DBM3SL Model shown - DBM3SL -


Sheerline Bain Marie with Enviro Well

Containers not included, these units are supplied without glass

Bain Maries are fan assisted. Controls conveniently positioned in overhead gantry hood as standard. Innovative fan heating system holds food at an optimum temperature. Unprecedented even flow of warm air re-circulates throughout the well. No troublesome cold spots traditionally associated with dry heat wells. No plumbing faucets to maintain or drainage problems traditionally associated with wet wells. Accurate digital displayed thermostatically controlled heating. Quartz illumination for increased food presentation. Unparalleled heat recovery time when pans are changed over. Unmatched heat up time reduces running cost by saving energy. Fully insulated well helps keep running costs low reducing the carbon footprint. Features satin and bright polished stainless steel. Optional mid shelf for assisted service.


  • Bain-marie units are designed to keep pre-cooked food at serving temperature and are suitable for the display of most types of hot foods.
  • Complete with an inset well designed to accommodate various combination of interchangeable Gastronorm type pans up to 150 mm deep (not supplied with the unit).
  • The thermostatically controlled Bain-marie well, comes complete with an innovative fan assisted heating unit.
  • The compact robust heating unit is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • This type of fan assisted heating provides an unprecedented even flow of warm air throughout the well resulting in no troublesome cold spots and an extremely fast recovery time when pans are replaced.
  • The accurate digital display controls are housed conveniently within the over head gantry for easy access.
  • The quartz heated illuminated gantry is mounted above the well for increased heat and food presentation.
  • All Bain-marie units below 3 kw are supplied with a 2 meter long cord fitted with plug.

Note: Quartz lamps can only supplement the process of keeping hot food hot.

Model Specifications

  • Model: DBM2SL
  • Length: 830
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 425
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.2kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 2
  • No. 200W Quartz Lamps: 1
  • Model: DBM3SL
  • Length: 1160
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 425
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.9kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 3
  • No. 200W Quartz Lamps: 2
  • Model: DBM4SL
  • Length: 1490
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 425
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/2.1kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 4
  • No. 200W Quartz Lamps: 3
  • Model: DBM5SL
  • Length: 1815
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 425
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.8kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 5
  • No. 200W Quartz Lamps: 4
  • Model: DBM6SL
  • Length: 2145
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 425
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.9kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 6
  • No. 200W Quartz Lamps: 5


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