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Drop-in Bain Marie with Curved Glass Screen

D2BMG Model shown - D2BMG
Spec Sheet


Smart, highly efficient Dry Heat Bain Marie that creates a professional looking Hot Food Display.

Complete with curved glass sneeze screen (containers not included).

Versigen In-Counter Bain Marie's keep cooked food at the correct serving temperature. Accommodates 1/1GN and smaller equivalent gastronorm pans up to 200mm deep. Supplied complete with a quartz-heated heated/illuminated gantry and tempered curved glass sneeze screen.

The Versigen Dry Heat Bain Marie uses dry heat, so there is no need for separate water pans or water bath. The incorporated heated gantry is fitted with quartz safety heat lamps to hygienically highlight your hot food. The on/off controls and temperature display are conveniently positioned at eye-level on the operator's side. Whether it is being used in a school canteen or a carvery buffet, the Versigen Drop In Bain Marie ensures hot food is attractively presented, ready for service.

For easy and low maintenance storage and display of your hot dishes, the Versigen Drop-in Bain Marie provides continuous base heating for preserving food in a self-service or assisted-service environment, including buffets and kitchens. These units are also ideal for healthcare and aged care facility meal plating and service. The tempered glass sneeze screen helps to reduce risk of contamination, while encouraging customers to upgrade their meal selections. Because this Bain Marie incorporates a dry heating system, it can operate around the clock without the need to drain the well or regularly top up with water, which can reduce the food holding temperature. Dry Heat Bain Marie's also heat up much faster than wet-well Bain Marie's.


  • Detailed drawings supplied for simple installation
  • Temperature regulator and illuminated on/off Controller are conveniently located on the operator’s side of the gantry
  • Single phase cable and plug supplied for connection to under-counter outlet
  • Heavy duty units designed for long life

Model Specifications

  • Model: D2BMG
  • Length: 890
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 420
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Power rating: 10amp/1.3kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 2
  • Model: D3BMG
  • Length: 1190
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 420
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.6kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 3
  • Model: D4BMG
  • Length: 1490
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 420
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.6kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 4
  • Model: D5BMG
  • Length: 1790
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 420
  • Weight: 69kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.8kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 5
  • Model: D6BMG
  • Length: 2140
  • Depth: 660
  • Height: 420
  • Weight: 81kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.8kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 6