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Regeneration Ovens

CR10 Model shown - CR10
Spec Sheet


Regen Oven - 1/1 GN containers (GN containers not included)


  • Multi-fan technology and Turbo Heat Generator provide the fastest heat up times
  • Profile Temperature Technology gives even temperatures throughout the oven and high energy efficiency
  • Simple user friendly controls can be mastered in a few minutes
  • Low capital cost with big returns
  • Interior of compartments in bright polished stainless steel
  • Each compartment fully-insulated and fitted with a double-skinned insulated door opens 180ยบ and is fitted with a slam catch locking handle
  • The CR10 and CR20 compartments are supplied with a stainless steel, roll in/out cassette with slides to accept stainless steel grid shelves or gastronorm containers

Product Information

Simpler compliance
Our optional 3D data logging system automates the process of testing and recording, saving you time and effort and ensuring proof of due diligence. The system automatically records the internal temperatures of the unit as well as actual probed food temperatures. The data can be stored on a personal computer.

Optional Extras

IR10 - Spare internal racks (CR10)
IR20 - Spare internal racks (CR20)
LT10 - Transport /loading trolley for CR10
LT20 - Transport /loading trolley for CR20
CRGS - Additional stainless steel grid shelves
CR5SS - Stainless steel support stand for CR5. 1 shelf under
CR5SSR - Stainless steel support stand for CR5 complete with bank of runners under
BRG - Bank of runners to be fitted to CR10 support stand
V7DT - Automatic 7 day timer (Chillogen only)
VOBP - On board food probe & temperature display complete with pass/fail indicator
VGDL - Data Log Unit (one fitted to each Trolley)
VGBU - Base Unit (one fitted in supervisors office linked to PC)
VGRE - Repeater unit (required fitted in corridor when Base unit is more than 300 meters away

Model Specifications

L.700 D.620 H.510 44kg 15amp/2.9kW

L.800 D.650 H.1695 130kg 20amp/6kW

L.800 D.650 H.1800 160kg 20amp/12kW

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Model Specifications

  • Code: CR5
  • Length: 700
  • Depth: 620
  • Height: 510
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Power rating: 15amp/2.9kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 5*
  • No. of shelves: 5 (2 supplied)
  • Code: CR10
  • Length: 800
  • Depth: 650
  • Height: 1695
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Power rating: 20amp/6kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 10*
  • No. of shelves: 10 (3 supplied)
  • Code: CR20
  • Length: 800
  • Depth: 650
  • Height: 1800
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Power rating: 20amp/12kW
  • 1/1GN pan capacity: 20*
  • No. of shelves: 20 (6 supplied)
*65mm deep